Comic 102 - Chapter 5 Page 02
20th Nov 2011, 1:56 PM in Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Page 02
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Author Notes:
Abt_Nihil edit delete
Just for the record: He's still sporting the Gummi Bears underwear. I simply refuse to draw tiny Gummi Bears here and there and everywhere!

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User comments:
Alucai Vivorvel edit delete reply
Alucai Vivorvel
The expression on that horse reminds me somewhat of The Emperor's New Groove.

Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
Yes, you're right! I may have subconsciously channeled it :P
man in black edit delete reply
man in black
Didn't make much of an impact did he?
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
Nope, definitely not as much as he'd hoped.