Comic 68 - Chapter 3 Page 15
13th Oct 2011, 10:35 AM in Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Page 15
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Author Notes:
Abt_Nihil edit delete
Gummi Bears! A more or less random (but fitting) bit, prompted by my rediscovering the Gummi Bears theme song on youtube, which quite literally moved me to tears, inducing tangible childhood memories.

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User comments:
plymayer edit delete reply
Women. Always playing some sort of game. Hey, he should just play along and indulge in the fantasy.
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
Right. But the point of the comic is that he can't ;-)
man in black edit delete reply
man in black
that's why my boxers are a solid color, no need to be embarrassed when my pants are dropped
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
Haha! Very clever.