Comic 53 - Chapter 3
27th Sep 2011, 2:47 PM in Chapter 3
Chapter 3
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Author Notes:
Abt_Nihil edit delete
One of my first and still one of my favorite depictions of Nora.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
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man in black edit delete reply
man in black
great cover
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
plymayer edit delete reply
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
JustNoPoint edit delete reply
If this ever gets turned into an ongoing anime I could see it being a harem story. You'd have to make up 3 more women at least to join the party.

I guess the daughter, Ms Wong, and the crazy punching Dr woman would finally join up with Ed and they'd all live in the same house.

You know what. I now want you to make this!
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
I think YOU might be the better person to make this!

I am incredibly, incredibly tired of harem anime ^^; I recently gave them another try and watched Love Hina, only to grow ever MORE sick and tired of the genre >:/

Harem anime is probably one of the reasons I made signifikat, to channel my anger about the genre.
wildcard edit delete reply
I hear you on the harem genre, near on killed my love of anime at one point :(

As for the cover: Yeehaa! :D