Comic 80 - Chapter 4 Page 05
25th Oct 2011, 11:00 AM in Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Page 05
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Author Notes:
Abt_Nihil edit delete
This is the type of dialogue I'd like to be this comic remembered by.

Quoting my original comment from June 2009:

"I realize the natural expectation for a reader would be that these two will at some point have sex. But I'm not sure sex would resolve anything. Even worse: For all we know, it might just be another disturbing scene.

Not too long ago, somebody stated the following in a critique of my other comic A.D 1997 : "I like (Naomi's) friend Jack, despite his severe over-reaction to seeing the girl of his dreams (I understand being shy, but Jack is soap-opera-level shy, and it begins to grate after a while)." Again, I can understand that the natural expectation would be for Jack to "get the girl", or - if not - that he would at least be rejected once and for all... that there would be progress, in any case. I think this natural expectation comes from the assumption that it's a regular coming-of-age story. But if you know me, you'll know that my comics are not about getting the girl, or about making progress, as much as they are about not getting the girl and dealing with it.

So, back to signifikat: If these two had sex, the danger may be for everyone to read the whole story as leading up to that point. But I'd like to stress that the current bickering between these two isn't meant to be validated by some sort of sexual pay-off in the future (and I'm not saying whether they will or won't have sex - that would be a spoiler)."

Thanks for reading and commenting!
User comments:
plymayer edit delete reply
Frustrating situation. "about not getting the girl and dealing with it" - Sounds like my life :)
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
I reckon it's a rather common experience.
man in black edit delete reply
man in black
great page
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply