Comic 45 - Chapter 2 Page 17
19th Sep 2011, 2:51 PM in Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Page 17
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Author Notes:
Abt_Nihil edit delete
I was actually surprised that I could recreate this sort of black hole schematic just like that. The most difficult thing about this page was probably inverting parts of it (the white lines on black are originally black lines on a white background), while leaving other parts as they are.

By the way, I am completely baffled that there are people who don't believe that black holes are real. They might seem like odd objects, but I never had this picture that the rules underlying spacetime had to be "simple" or "orderly", according to our understanding of order and simplicity. I found the concept of black holes very easy to accept.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
User comments:
plymayer edit delete reply
The black hole schematic does look like a nightmare to draw. Well worth the effort though. Black holes? Sure they exist. It's where car keys go when you can't find them. And where they come back from when you can. Err, ummm... and other stuff beyound th scope of this comment....
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
Thanks! It took a bit of figuring out, but wasn't as hard as one might think.
man in black edit delete reply
man in black
does that mean he likes her?
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
Hm... that's beyond me :P
JustNoPoint edit delete reply
Are those rose blush marks on his face mask in the bottom? The 2 little circles? :o
Abt_Nihil edit delete reply
Yes, totally! ^_^
wildcard edit delete reply
Even reflective visors can't stop the almighty blush!