Comic 120 - Chapter 6 Prologue 2
10th Dec 2011, 2:30 PM in Chapter 6 Prologue
Chapter 6 Prologue 2
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Author Notes:
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I changed the space monster's look a bit, since I've never been too happy with the original design. It's still made up of the same elements, but they're arranged in a new, and hopefully better, way. I won't redo the first prologue though... I'm not a big fan of redoing my old stuff. And hey, it's a mysterious space monster, maybe it's a morphing creature or some such ^_^

Also, this is basically a "prequel" to the very first prologue, which might be inferred from the fact that her helmet gets smashed in the first one. Oh, and she kind of dies in that one too... but who knows, eh?

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great page
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