Comic 12 - Chapter 1 Page 02
17th Aug 2011, 1:35 PM in Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Page 02
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Author Notes:
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Ah, the Diner Saurus! My attempt to turn a generic place in the middle of nowhere into something oddly specific.

I mentioned in my previous page comment that I drastically rewrote the first draft of this chapter. Actually, the second and final draft was written while I was feverish :P And I really, really, really liked this second draft. The first version seemed so pretentious and slow-moving, while all of my writing for this second version seemed right on point AND fun. I threw out a whole lot of pseudo-intellectual philosophizing about the nature of reality, and basically replaced it with my observations on relationships and personal identity. Once I started, these just kept pouring out of me... and that's, I think, is what really shaped the whole comic.

The Diner Saurus, along with some of the other quirky stuff in this chapter, was introduced specifically in this second draft. Now, imagine this had been just *some* diner. Then you can imagine how drab everything would have been, if I had based the comic on this first draft ^_^

(Oh, and this splash page is basically another angle of the prologue's last panel.)

Thanks for reading and commenting!
User comments:
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I'm sure you get this a lot, but your art is absolutely awesome!
Diner Saurus = Amazing as well. haha